RoverUV Autonomous Disinfection Robot

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RoverUV Mobile Disinfection Robot

*CDC Approved Ultra Violet Light Bulbs

Introducing our most efficient disinfection method: the RoverUV Mobile Disinfection Robot. Unlike manual approaches to disinfection, the UV light atop an autonomous mobile robot provides rapid, hands-free, effective inactivation of harmful microorganisms found in the air and on surfaces.

This device is able to disinfect large spaces - lobbies, hallways, or cafeterias - effectively, without any human interaction. Intelligent sensors enable the robot to avoid obstacles yet perform disinfection safely. And data is made available to track the robot's runtime, location, and disinfection history.

UV-C technology plus robotics equals powerful results

Smarter disinfection

Autonomous options for hands-free disinfection

Automated safety controls

Built-in sensors and cameras to ensure safety shut-off

Cloud-based reporting tools

Document your disinfection services and results

Chemical free

No storage or handling of toxic or corrosive chemicals

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