UVC Disinfection Cabinet

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The Disinfection Cabinet

*CDC Approved Ultra Violet Light Bulbs

Looking for UV-C disinfection on-the-go? This cabinet quickly and safely disinfects up to 30 devices, like tablets or phones, in just a few minutes. Perfect for schools, universities, and office settings (disinfect devices between classes or during a lunch break). And don’t worry, UV-C light provides powerful disinfection capabilities without fear of damaging displays or electronics. This cabinet is available with or without device charging capability. Additionally, built-in safety measures prevent any possible exposure to UV-C light while the system is in use.

Disinfection at the speed of life

Quick, easy, on-the-go

Disinfect up to 30, handheld devices in minutes

Automated safety controls

Built-in sensors and cameras to ensure safety shut-off

No damage to devices

UV-C light disinfects without damaging electronics

Chemical free

No storage or handling of toxic or corrosive chemicals

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