R3 Scrub Commercial Floor Scrubbing Robot

Sale price$25,000



  • Autonomous Floor Scrubber
  • 23.6"L x 17.71"W x 31.88"H 50% more compact design than competitors
  • 5.54 gallon water capacity
  • 3.2 ft. per second speed
  • Scrub Mode: 3 hour run time, up to 12,916 sq.ft. of cleaning coverage per hour, picks up small debris, excellent dryness
  • Dust Mop Mode: Impressively quiet, 7 hour run time, 19,375 sq.ft. of cleaning coverage per hour, completely dry
  • Large Display: interactivity, and customization allows for display greetings, key messages, or company name
  • Autonomous setting allows for hand-free cleaning and self-docking
  • Manual setting features a stainless-steel handle making hands-on control easy Automatically charges, drains waste water tank, and refills cleaning tank
  • Can operate through the built in touchscreen or the LionsClean App

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