Electrostatic Backpack Trigger Sprayer

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Electrostatic Backpack Trigger Sprayer

ElectroStatic (powered by InCharged) is an electrostatic spray cleaning mechanism that electrically charges the chemical solution so that when released the solution quickly bonds to surfaces instead of falling straight to the floor. This technology, typically used to sterilize offices, restaurants, universities and public transportation, is now available commercially for faster sanitizing times.

  • Weight: 15 lbs

  • Packaged Dimensions: 28" x 10.5" x 26"

  • Tank Capacity: 16 liters

  • Range: Up to 9 ft

  • Finish: Matte white + black

  • Material: Plastic

  • Power: Lithium Battery-operated

  • Flow Rate: Ranges from 15 micron - 40 micron

  • Nozzle Options: There are two: 15 micron (metal nozzle) and 40 micron (plastic nozzle) - metal is recommended for disinfecting.



  1. No need for external power supply: one-button start, flexible and convenient.

  2. Adopted military-grade waterproof standard, high-speed brush-less fan.

  3. Can be used both indoor and outdoor.

  4. Long continuous work - lasts 2.5 hours on a single charge.

  5. Intelligent fast charge - 90 minutes for a full charge.

  6. No pollution, zero emission, no exhaust, low noise.

  7. Large caliber water inlet - for use with any water-soluble chemical.

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