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You’ve got the PowerMethod.

Three words. Powerful. Brandable. Affordable.

Feel the Power.

About the PowerMethod.

The Most Powerful Cell Phone Charging Station

Who’s got the power? You got the power. Whatever your event may be, power is a valuable commodity – for you and your attendees. 

Our PowerMethod makes charging as easy (and stylish) as possible. Our simple, lightweight model practically sets itself up. Customize it for your brand and then put it wherever you like to turn any area into a power charging hub.

Equipped with 12 smartphone charging cables and 8 A/C outlets, the PowerMethod comes in a range of configurations for whatever you need it to be. Don’t have your next event without a PowerMethod there to get the day charged up.

Customized Cell Phone Charging Kiosks

The PowerMethod has many options: you can choose to utilize open USB ports or a more secure enclosure that includes pre-configured cables built into the units. We can also wrap the entire phone charging station with custom branded artwork, so your charging kiosk can either stand out with your branding or blend in with your décor.


Versatile Design

Available in a range of designs to fit your needs: our standard, single-sided free standing unit, multiple tabletop versions, and even wall mounted.


Power Up

8 A/C outlets and 10 built-in charging cables provide a compact charging station for multiple devices.


100% Compatibility

Charging cables support 100% of phones - from Apple to Android and everything in between.

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