R3 Vac Commercial Vacuum Robot

Sale price$20,000



  • Autonomous Vacuum
  • Dual brushes and side brushes
  • Helps clean the air with a built in HEPA filter and premium microfiber single-use dust filter bags
  • Designed for easy maintenance 
  • Nimble and compact to go underneath tables (28.74" tall)
  • 3.5hr. battery life
  • Only a 59DB noise level for quiet cleaning 
  • Large display, interactivity, and customization allows for display greetings, key messages, or company name 
  • Autonomous setting allows for hands-free cleaning and self docking 
  • Manual setting features a stainless-steel handle making the hands-on control easy
  • Can operate through the built in touchscreen or the LionsClean App

**The R3 Vac is available for pre-orders only right now.**

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