Hi-Top Glass Charging Table

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Our glass-topped, fully brandable, cell phone charging tables are just what attendees are looking for.

Bring your best to the Table.
Your audience will gather somewhere – why not around you?

Gather your audience.

About the Glass Power Charging Table.

User-Friendly Self-Service Cell Phone Charging Tables

Create the perfect conversation starter with this simple charging table. This cocktail charging table stands 44″ high, which is standard table height to ensure cohesiveness with your existing furniture. The table comes equipped with 9 smartphone charging cables, 6 open USB ports and 2 power outlets, allowing recharge of multiple devices; including iPhones, Androids, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices with the option to add solar charging and wireless charging. The product weight is under 100 pounds. Simply plug the charging table into any standard outlet and you are ready to charge no assembly required.

Branding Your Custom Table Charging Stations

In order to maximize branding, these device charging tables provided by InCharged can be fully branded with your own artwork, branding, logos and colors. Our simple templates allow you to fully customize the look and feel of your custom charging station so that you project exactly the message you want and get all the attention you need. Need a little assistance? InCharged also offers full graphic services at an additional price. Send us a logo and we’ll take care of everything for you.


100% Device Support

Equipped with 12 charging ports and two A/C outlets making it an ideal laptop and tablet charging station.


Glass Top

No cheap plastic here. Our table top is strong, durable, and constructed with tempered glass with plenty of surface area that protects devices from spills.


Versatile Design

Foot rests around the base making it comfortable for both sitting and standing. The LED lights add a beautiful touch and customized branding, while the wheels allow easy maneuverability and no assembly required. Some of our designs include a solar charging table, you can wirelessly charge your phone, charging station end table , coffee table designs.  

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