The Rex Large Scale Commercial Floor Scrubbing Robot

Sale price$65,000



  • Autonomous Floor Scrubber 65.94"L x 34.25"W x 57.99"H
  • 8-10 hours of run time
  • 4.5 ft per second
  • 37 gallon solution tank
  • 8 hour charging time
  • 656 ft of LiDAR coverage allowing cleaning/mapping of large areas
  • 31 inch scrub brush cleaning width
  • 176 lbs of scrubbing power to remove tough stains
  • Comprised of many sensors from LiDAR (Light Sensors) and Cameras (Depth Sensors) to ensure obstacle avoidance
  • 3 control options: high-definition touchscreen, manual cleaning mode, and LionsClean App
  • Autonomously recharges , empties the waste water tank, and refills the solution tank

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