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8 Chamber Charging Locker with Ultra Violet Technology8 Chamber Charging Locker with Ultra Violet Technology
Sale price$25,000
Battery Trigger SprayerBattery Trigger Sprayer
Battery Trigger Sprayer
Sale price$299
CleanRest PRO Box Spring EncasementCleanRest PRO Box Spring Encasement
CleanRest PRO Box Spring Encasement
Sale priceFrom $32.99
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CleanRest PRO Pillow EncasementCleanRest PRO Pillow Encasement
CleanRest PRO Pillow Encasement
Sale priceFrom $12.12
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CLOi- Food Service RobotCLOi- Food Service Robot
CLOi- Food Service Robot
Sale price$39,999
Door Frame Body Temperature Detector
Dry Wipe SystemDry Wipe System
Dry Wipe System
Sale price$9.50
DUST-E- Cleaning RobotDUST-E- Cleaning Robot
DUST-E- Cleaning Robot
Sale price$19,500
EfferSan Disinfection Tablets
EfferSan Disinfection Tablets
Sale priceFrom $199
Electrostatic Backpack Trigger SprayerElectrostatic Backpack Trigger Sprayer
Electrostatic Rolling Sprayer
Face Recognition ThermometerFace Recognition Thermometer
Face Recognition Thermometer
Sale price$2,587.20
Handheld Sprayer with ElectrostaticHandheld Sprayer with Electrostatic
Haze Bot- Disinfecting Robot
Haze Bot- Disinfecting Robot
Sale price$29,400
HealthySole Commercial PLUS UVC UnitHealthySole Commercial PLUS UVC Unit
HealthySole HOME UVC Disinfection SystemHealthySole HOME UVC Disinfection System
Hover - LED Disinfection Panel
Hover - LED Disinfection Panel
Sale priceFrom $1,120
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