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T4H autonomous delivery robot with doors open and items inside compartments.
T4H Delivery Robot
Sale price$47,000
LEGEE-688 Vacuuming and Mopping Robot
Window Cleaning Robot - Hobot 298 - AI Technology - Top View
Hobot-2S Window Cleaning Robot - Top View
Mars Waiter Robot
Mars Waiter Robot
Sale price$18,000
Enlarged Open Waiter Robot
Enlarged Open Waiter Robot
Sale price$15,750
Enclosed Waiter Robot
Enclosed Waiter Robot
Sale price$13,800
Wave 60 Commercial Pool Cleaning Robot
Wave 80 Commercial Pool Cleaning Robot
Wave 100 Commercial Pool Cleaning Robot
Wave 120 Commercial Pool Cleaning Robot
Wave 140 Commercial Pool Cleaning Robot
Front view of the CLOi autonomous food service robot.
CLOi Waiter Robot
Sale price$17,900
UV Guardian Product Image
UV Guardian
Sale price$40,000
HOBOT-298 Spare Wet Cleaning Cloths
HOBOT-298 Spare Dry Cleaning Cloths
HOBOT-298 Spare Water Tank
HOBOT Window Detergent
HOBOT Window Detergent
Sale price$20
HOBOT-2S Spare Wet Cleaning Cloths
HOBOT-2S Spare Water Tank
LEGEE-688 Consumables Pack
LEGEE-688 Technique Pack
LEGEE-688 Technique Pack
Sale price$30

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