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UV Station Bedside ClockUV Station Bedside Clock
UV Station Bedside Clock
Sale priceFrom $119
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UV-Clean CubeUV-Clean Cube
UV-Clean Cube
Sale price$429
UV Guardian- Disinfecting Robot
Sale price$25,000
Sale price$5,999
Payment Terminal MountPayment Terminal Mount
Payment Terminal Mount
Sale price$350
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UV-Clean Stand AloneUV-Clean Stand Alone
UV-Clean Stand Alone
Sale price$379
UV-Clean Clamp MountUV-Clean Clamp Mount
UV-Clean Clamp Mount
Sale price$250
UV-Clean Surface MountUV-Clean Surface Mount
UV-Clean Surface Mount
Sale price$250
RoverUV Autonomous Disinfection RobotRoverUV Autonomous Disinfection Robot
UVC Disinfection Mobile UnitUVC Disinfection Mobile Unit
UVC Disinfection Mobile Unit
Sale price$19,000
Sani Bot - UVC & Spray Disinfection Robot
UVC Disinfection Conveyor SystemUVC Disinfection Conveyor System
UVC Disinfection CabinetUVC Disinfection Cabinet
UVC Disinfection Cabinet
Sale price$9,750
Sanitizing CartSanitizing Cart
Sanitizing Cart
Sale price$5,799
HealthySole Commercial PLUS UVC UnitHealthySole Commercial PLUS UVC Unit
HealthySole HOME UVC Disinfection SystemHealthySole HOME UVC Disinfection System
Hover - LED Disinfection Panel
Hover - LED Disinfection Panel
Sale priceFrom $1,120
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8 Chamber Charging Locker with Ultra Violet Technology8 Chamber Charging Locker with Ultra Violet Technology
UV-C PPE Protection KitUV-C PPE Protection Kit
UV-C PPE Protection Kit
Sale price$149
UVC Dosimeter Cards
UVC Dosimeter Cards
Sale price$84.95
UV24-MM Verification Bracket Kit
Proximity CW1 SLIM OPENProximity CW1 SLIM OPEN
Proximity CW1 SLIM OPEN
Sale priceFrom $2,670
Proximity CXT INT RSVLProximity CXT INT RSVL
Proximity CXT INT RSVL
Sale priceFrom $3,198

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