Proximity Medical Cabinet: EXT INT LSVL

Color: Brighton Walnut
Sale price$2,330


Product Benefits

Embrace EXT-28-INT-LSVL Wall Mounted Computer Workstation  Unit is 7in (18cm) w/ 90 degree worksurface LEFT swivel from the wall, secure CPU storage, KB and Mouse storage

Standard Features

  • Attractive two compartment contemporary design just 7″ in depth.
  • Upper enclosed compartment is specially designed to store CPUs behind a locked door. 
  • Ventilation provides continuous air flow to protect equipment from overheating.
  • 90 degree worksurface LEFT swivel from the wall,
  • Lower compartment folds down to provide caregivers with a spacious and comfortable workstation.
  • Unique keyboard and mouse storage allows the keyboard and mouse to dock automatically when the worksurface is closed.
  • Worksurface designed to hold 400 lbs.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Ships fully assembled.

**Must purchase the UV-Clean Retrofit Unit for cabinet to be UV Disinfecting.**

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