UV Station Bedside Clock and Charging Station (Wireless & USB)

Color: White
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*Both colors are low in stock and could go on back order soon.*

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Clean & Healthy

Keep guests safe and welcome them back to your hotel with UV Station; UV-C cleaning tech designed specifically for the hotel nightstand

Sanitize Remote Controls

Designed to fit over 90% of the remote controls used by the hotel industry today; UV Station is a superior method to wipes and baggies as it’s more efficient, repeatable, reliable and faster

Sanitize Guest Devices

Empower hotel guests to clean dirty phones and wearables they bring with them. UV-C sanitation compartment works with all phones available on the market today

Demonstrate a Cleaner Guest Room

Cleanliness is on everyone’s mind. With UV Station, one of the first things hotel guests will see is your investment into cleaning technology

Kills 99.999% of Germs

Including seven 10,000 hour UV-C Bulbs. A full plated reflective sanitizing chamber and a translucent quartz plate for 360 degree device coverage.

Wireless Charging and USB Outlets

The ultimate home for your phone on the road includes cable-free charging and a stand that keeps it front and center to give your hotel guests the most convenient charging experience.

Designed For Hotels and Guests

With hotel-grade durability and longevity; a feature set and UI designed specifically for the hotel guest, UV Station also helps your housekeeping staff do an even better and more consistent job, in far less time.

Makes Clean Your New Amenity

With integrated custom branding card you can tell your story, and link guests into additional information on the benefits of UV-C technology

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